We have developed Ecopak™ packaging products that are manufactured using sheet processed from recycled plastic bottles. The content of each Ecopak™ package is at least 50% recycled.

These sheets are certified to meet all FDA regulations for direct food contact and their process saves energy, natural resources and encourages recycling.

As strides are made in sustainability technology - increasing the levels of recycled content, using more renewable energy in the manufacturing process and improving packaging design – EasyPak promises to remain at the forefront of packaging innovation.

You are not recycling unless you are buying recycled products.

These containers use 100% recycled plastic, are marked with large recycling symbols, and clearly list the recycled content. Winner of the Responsible Packaging Award given by the Organic Industry, and verified by SCS Global Services – a trusted leader in 3rd party certification, auditing and testing; the goal of this brand is to help double the 30% recycling rate for #1 plastic in the US.

Recycling reduces GHG emissions through lower energy usage.

All of these products are made in the USA!